A Step by Step Guideline to Write a Polite Appeal Letter

Fellas! Have you ever treated unfair on your workspace? Or, have you ever got a bad decision because of something that you have not ever done? You should not be silent and go speak up! It is a common and polite way to defend yourself professionally through writing an Appeal Letter. Yes, it is a legal document that you may use to get the fair back. Fortunately, we are back and get ready to share all things about Appeal Letter. We know that you have been excited so here we go!

What is Appeal Letter?

Great! Before talking about the step by step guidelines, it is better to know what Appeal Letter is. In line with our prologue statements, Appeal Letter is a formal document or letter that you write to defend yourself professionally. You can write it when you feel that you get the unfair decision, acts or statement that happen on workplace. This letter aimed to ask someone to reconsider their previous decision that impacts on the senders.

For some cases, Appeal Letter is used by the employees when they got the bad decision or consequences on the workplace about something that they did not make. In a simple way, it is a type of a protest letter which may change the employee’s condition. Even, it seems personal; appeal letter is legal and formal as long as the sender’s complete the requirements.

What are the Requirements to Write an Appeal Letter?

Yes, there are some requirements that you need to know when you need to write an appeal letter to your manager or colleagues. And, here the requirements are:

  • First, you are the legal employees of a company. Or, if you are as an individual or personal organization, you must own the legal receipt or prove that you have been in relationship with a company or organizations. It can be a payment receipt, membership card and many more.
  • Second, you must mention the complete and honest personal information. It includes your name, address and contact details. It is unaccepted if your protest for something without clearly mentioning who you are.
  • Third, you must attach the prove which signing that you have been treated unfairly. Or, it can be a document which shows that you got the loss or disadvantage situation because of the projects or decision.

How to Write an Appeal Letter?

Have you ensured that you completed all requirements above? Alright! It is your turn to speak up by writing an appeal letter and get the fair decision. But wait; there are some tips on how to write an effective appeal letter. With no talks too much, here some tips are:

  • Tip 1# Check Company Policy

Before writing and sending the letter, you should check the company policy and get the information on how the authorities handle the employee issues. You can check it on company’s website; ask the senior or even talks to the Human Resource.

  • Tip 2# Know where to address the letter

Then, you should be calm and think carefully about whom to send your appeal letter to. Practically, you must send your letter directly to the manager or the person who take in charge. It is a smart way to get the direct responses and fast solution to your issues instead of letting your letter passing through a number of hands.

  • Tip 3# Be Careful with your Letter Format

You should remember that an Appeal Letter is a business letter. In the other word it is a type of a formal letter. Sure, you must be careful with the format and make sure that you write it properly. In some cases, you can use the Times New Roman Font within 12 size with the formal margin size. If you send your appeal letter via email, it may have the slightly different format as well.

  • Tip 4# Use the Polite Sentence

Although appeal letter is a type of a protest, you should pay attention with the tone and language you use. Just be sure that you avoid any anger words and judgment sentences. Even you are really upset with the issues, you need to control the emotion and don’t convey on the letter. Just be confident and persuasive but please not to be aggressive.

  • Tip 5# Admit the Mistakes

Somehow, a decision or situation happens because of a trigger. And maybe, there is a little thing you have ever done before. Although it may be not related, you may admit it. State specifically, say sorry and explain what you have learned from that experience. Well, if you think that you don’t make any mistakes and you still get the unfair decisions or acts, you need to state it clearly. Mention the topic, chronologies as well as the last meeting where you get the issues.

  • Tip 6# State Your Hopes

Once you have stated the mistakes and issues, you are able to state what you really want to happen. Based on the issues and things you have been got, you should not hesitate to clear what you want. For example, you want to ask the manager to reverse his or her decision, or ask them to reviewer the particular issues before making the decision.

  • Tip 7# Sticks to the Facts

It is the most important parts of your appeal letter. In this occasion, you are able to sticks to the facts which related to the issues. If there is a policy that have been overlooked, you can use it as the prove. You can attach any documents that may support your statements. Again, you should avoid the emotional phases and be focus on actualities.

  • Tip 8# Keep it Brief, Simple and Clear

In line with other types of business letter, an appeal letter needs you to be simple, short, brief and clear. You need to focus on the issues, facts, your ideas and the next actions or steps that you want to get or do.

  • Tip 9# Check your Letter

Once you have written the letter, you have to recheck it on multiple times. Just be sure that you have put the correct statements, language, grammar contexts as well as the tone and punctuation. Thus, you can ask your friend or senior to read it and check it for you.

  • Tip 10# Do follow up

If you don’t get any reply within seven business days, you should not hesitate to follow up your appeal. You can follow up with the email or even send the second appeal letter. But again, please do all of those tips above.

What are the Parts of Appeal Letter?

Well, here some parts of Appeal Letter that you must include on your writing. And, here the parts are:

  • Header (It consists the sender’s information such as name, address, department, and contact details)
  • Date and Month
  • The recipient’s details
  • Salutation
  • Main Letter (It consists of two or three paragraphs)
  • Closing Salutation
  • Name and Signature

Guys, you have known all parts inside of Appeal Letter. Now, it is your time to practice it once you get issues on your workplace. Please don’t hesitate or afraid as long as you are right and have a proven facts. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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