How to Write Good Accountant Job Application Letter?

What is Accounting Job Application Letter ?

Who doesn’t want to get a job after graduating from college? I think this has become the desire and dream of many people after graduating from college to work directly. Yes, one of our goals in studying other than to add insight and knowledge, of course, can also work in accordance with the dream of a dream job and in accordance with the major he took during college.

One of the most popular college majors and a favorited of many people besides medicine is accounting major. Yes, many people want to be a reliable and professional accounting. Being an accountant, I think many people aspire to it. However, what if after graduating from college you have applied for work here and there but you still don’t get a job. Maybe there is something you are doing wrong. When making a cover letter for example.

Accounting Job Application Letter Points

Basically there is no fundamental difference between an Accounting Job Application Letter and other job application letters in general. Only the position for which the job is applied for is specific (Accounting). Like compiling a job application letter in general, of course there are a number of points that need attention in compiling this Accounting Job Application Letter. Here are some of them:

  • State the name of the target company.
  • State what position or job you want in the company (in this case the Accounting Staff).
  • Include a complete personal bio.
  • Include work experience (if you have worked before).
  • Complete the requirements requested by the company.
  • Include a curriculum vitae and other certificates of expertise held as a supporting file.

Structure and How to Make an Accounting Job Application Letter?

In general, how to make an accounting job application letter is almost the same as how to make a job application letter in general. It’s just that your goal in making a job application letter is to provide a cover letter for a vacancy or position in the accounting field. Well, for more details, here is the structure and how to create an accounting job application letter that you can try to do.

  • Step #1: Place and Date of Writing the Letter

In the upper right corner, the first thing you can write down is where and the date the letter was written or created. Make sure you write down the place and date according to when and where you made the job application letter.

  • Step #2: Write the Opening

After that, on the left under the place and date of writing the letter. You can write a greeting or greeting to the person you are addressing. Write the word to Dear, followed by the name of the person or party to whom you want to send the letter. There is also nothing wrong if you mention the name and title or title of the intended company. After that, don’t forget to also write down the complete address of the company to which your job application letter is addressed.

  • Step #3: Write Greetings

Before heading to the introductory sentence or the opening of the letter, you can first write a respectful greeting to the party you are sending the job application letter to to make it look more polite.

  • Step #4: Mention Preface or Preamble

Now, continue to the foreword which is the first paragraph of a job application letter. In the introduction or opening, you can write down or include where you get information about job vacancies that are currently open at the company. You can write down information such as getting information from the internet, newspapers or from your friends. After that, you can state the position or job title you chose at the company that requires new employees.

  • Step #5: State Personal Biographical Data

Furthermore, you can write down complete information about personal data starting from name, date of birth, complete address, cell phone / telephone number, email and education. If you want to write down your educational background, you can write down your highest educational background.

  • Step #6: Mention Work Experience and Abilities

You can also list your work experience and abilities in accounting for example. If you want to apply for a job in accounting. Tell us your experience, this can increase your chances of being accepted.

  • Step #7: Closing

After that, proceed to the last accounting job application letter, which is a closing. Make sure you write down that you have a strong desire to join the company as an accounting officer.

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