Clearance Hole Chart Pdf

Clearance Hole Chart Pdf. 19 rows for example, an 3/8″ bolt with a close fit would have a w (0.3860). Clearance hole drill chart the chart below displays a variety of common screw sizes and their clearance hole recommendations.

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Note *complete iso system of limits and fits is now stored a cd kok isotoltm computer tolerancing software. Tap drill clearance drill 75% thread for aluminum, brass,& plastics 50% thread for steel, stainless,& iron close fit standard fit m7 m6 m5 screw size (mm) minor diameter (mm) m2 m4 m18 m16 m10 m9 m8 m14 m20 53/64 22.0021.00 55/64 Hole‐shaftcombination description uses h11/a11,h11/c11, h11/c9, h11/d11, a11/h11,c11/h11, d11/h11 fits with great clearances with parts having great tolerances.