Chinese Gender Chart 2016

Chinese Gender Chart 2016. History of the chinese gender chart. Traditionally, a chinese baby is one year old at birth.

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The more bs in the chart, the more chances you’ll give birth to a male child, and vice versa The chinese baby gender birth chart is a chinese statistic pregnancy chart to predict a baby gender by the woman's age and pregnant month. It is based on two elements:

Chinese Gender Chart 2015

Chinese Gender Chart 2015. Try out the chinese gender predictor, then explore the bump to learn more about baby’s development and ways to prepare for your little one’s arrival. There is no scientific basis for the chinese gender calendar chart, so the most we can guarantee is 50%.

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Is there a different chinese gender chart for each year? Draw a straight line across the chart beginning at her age. It is believed that this chart has been used for 700 years by chinese people for baby gender predictions.