Water Hardness Charts

Water Hardness Charts. 121 to 180 mg/l ishard water. Grain/regeneration (1 week) softener capacity.

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Using the chart below, you can determine which waterboss softener is best for your home: The average water hardness in each state is based on the specified cities in that state. Grains per gallon is the business standard approach for talking about water hardness.

Hardness Conversion Chart

Hardness Conversion Chart. These conversion charts are provided for guidance only as each scales uses different methods of measuring hardness. 35 hrc 327 hb 345 hv


This table shows approximate hardness of steel using brinell, rockwell b and c and vickers scales. 35 hrc 327 hb 345 hv For 10mm ball carbide ball standard ball tons/ inch2 1000lb/ inch 2 kg/ mm mpa n/mm2 hardness number “a” scale “c” scales 96 85.6 67.7 900 95 85 67 880 93 84.7 66.3 860 92 84.2 65.5 840 90 83.8 64.8 820 88 83.4 64 800 87.

Steel Hardness Chart

Steel Hardness Chart. Consequently, it also means resistance to wear. Basic steels 0x & 9x:

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The hardness level of steel is determined using a universal scale called the “rockwell c test”, commonly called the rockwell hardness scale (hrc). Brinell hardness of mild steel is approximately 120 mpa. The ability of steel to retain its original shape is measured on the rockwell c scale, also known as hardness rockwell c (hrc).