R404A Pt Chart

R404A Pt Chart. These tables are based on extensive experimental measurements. 404a’s reign however was short lived.

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Show all r22 r134a r507 r410a r404a bubble r404a dew r407c bubble r407c dew. Not to scale 13/24/25 27/30 lb. R407a pressure temperature chart 14 9.22 8.21 119.01 7.88 6.87 99.58 16 9.77 8.75 126.93 8.38 7.37 106.83 18 10.34 9.33 135.21 8.90 7.89 114.42 20 10.93 9.92 143.83 9.

R404A Pressure Temperature Chart

R404A Pressure Temperature Chart. Use the open or close icons to see the descriptions below with the icons. Direct expansion refrigeration and air

Pressure Temperature Conversion Charts .procedure) Note from dokumen.tips

Refrigerators should pull down to 35°f in about 20 minutes when located in. 404a pressure temperature sample chart. Knowing the pressure and the temperatures associated to the machine you are working on is essential to being able to diagnose any possible issues.