Diamond Sieve Size Chart

Diamond Sieve Size Chart. Carat weight:0.25 ct 0.5 ct 0.75 ct 1 ct 1.5 ct 2 ct 3 ct 4 ct 5 ct. 2mm ij color, vs si melee diamond parcel 3.02ct k i1 round brilliant cut diamond 3.03ct oval cut deep velvet green color emerald 3.09ct emerald cut vivid green emerald 3.11ct pakistan green octagon step cut emerald 3.19ct emerald cut emerald panjshir green color 3.25ct oval cut medium green shade emerald 3.26ct oval shape pakistan green color emerald 3.36ct grass.

Diamonds Sieve Chart Loose Diamonds from single-cut-diamonds.blogspot.com

The surface area is 6.23×6.2mm. So even though the two diamonds have different carat sizes, they have the same surface area.because of the poorer cut of the first one, about 10% of the carat. Weight mm size plate siz e # of st ones.