Baby Growth Spurts Chart

Baby Growth Spurts Chart. Plotted on a growth spurt chart for babies, it helps the attending pediatrician to compare the baby’s phases of growth with those of other babies or infants in the same age group. The growth spurts, or 'leaps' as they are sometimes known, include both body and brain growth and can take up a lot of physical and emotional energy.

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Your pediatrician can also help you understand if your child is growing at an average pace. In general, baby growth spurts occur around the following times: For the purposes of this article, we'll refer to mental and brain growth as a leap and physical growth as a growth spurt.

Growth Spurts Chart

Growth Spurts Chart. Growth spurts in toddlers are less common. Growth spurts also vary by body tissue type.

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Dentition is tooth formation which is usually complete by puberty. During this time, some important growth spurts and mental leaps happen typically around the 4 month, 9 month, 13 month, 18 month and 24 month mark. All dogs are different and grow at different rates.