Things You Need to Know about Receipt Template

Writing receipts is a process which many businesses will need to do, for their own and their customer’s records. Receipts vary in their content and style and there is no set standard. Here, you will learn all things you should know before making your own receipt template. Just be sure that you will stay tuned. Enjoy reading!

What is Receipt?

A receipt is a report which is given by a business to its clients each time an item or administration is sold. It is a purchaser’s confirmation of procurement. At that point, A Receipt Template will ease you to make a receipt for any various purposes. It encourages you to work quicker while you just need to change the information on the receipt template that you have been readied.

Regularly, a Receipt Template will show the date and season of the buy, the quantity of things bought and value aggregates, the name and area of the business the things have been purchased from, Any VAT charged, technique for instalment and brings strategy back. It is typically provided at retail location in either paper or electronic arrangement.

What are the Differences between Invoice and Receipt?

The two invoices and receipts are paper or electronic slips that detail buy exchanges. Invoices and receipts are not tradable. An invoice is a solicitation for instalment while a receipt is confirmation of instalment. Clients get invoices before they pay for an item or support and get receipts after they pay.


Invoices are charges sent to clients after they have gotten a decent or administration. It is the solicitations for instalment. You can send receipts by means of email or mail. Or on the other hand, you can hand convey them. You won’t invoice each client. Invoices are utilized for clients who Make a buy with store credit, Have an instalment plan or are charged falling behind financially (subsequent to accepting a decent or administration, similar to an utility).

An invoice is a record that subtleties the exchange. It incorporates data like the date the invoice was made, invoice instalment terms, and the aggregate sum due. What’s more, the invoice gives both vender and purchaser contact data, similar to the name, address, and telephone number. Invoices remind clients that they owe your business cash. They are significant for accelerating income, ensuring you get paid, and saving budgetary records for your business.


Then, a receipt goes about as evidence of an exchange. You give clients receipts after they have paid for an item or administration. Receipts remember data for the products or administrations sold, similar to value, amount, limits, and charges. They likewise give data on the instalment strategy, what amount was paid, and insights regarding the merchant.

Much of the time, clients need receipts in the event that they need to make a buy return or trade an item. Since the receipt shows items and costs, you can confirm the client bought the thing from your business. Generally, you should give clients a receipt for every exchange.

Numerous organizations have a merchandise exchange that says clients must have a receipt to restore an item. You should choose what sort of merchandise exchange you need. Here are some return policy examples:

  • No returns without receipts
  • Store credit for returns without receipts
  • Returns are accepted without receipt

As an entrepreneur, you have to keep duplicates of client receipts since they go about as records. Furthermore, keep all the receipts you get from merchants. These supporting archives guarantee that your bookkeeping books are precise. Furthermore, you need records in the event that you are reviewed. Store business receipts for in any event three years.

What are Types of Receipt Template?

In addition to showing ownership, receipts are significant for different reasons. For example, numerous retailers demand that a client must show a receipt to trade or return things while others request that a receipt for the most part gave inside a certain time span, be created for item guarantee purposes. There are a few sorts of receipt templates and here they are:

  • Gross receipts such as cash register tapes, deposit information (cash and credit sales), receipt books, invoices
  • Receipts from purchases and raw materials (These should show the amount paid and confirm that they were necessary business purchases; documents could include cancelled checks or other documents that identify the payee, amount, and proof of payment/electronic fund transfers.)
  • Cash register tape receipts
  • Credit card receipts and statements
  • Invoices
  • Petty cash slips for small cash payments

Steps to Make Your Own Receipt Template

Well, you have known all details about Receipt Template. Now, here some simple ways to make your own template to make your business more professional, those are:

  • Step 1, you need to give your company’s details including name, address, phone number and/or email address.
  • Step 2, you have to write down the date of transaction showing date, month and year.
  • Step 3, then, you need to make a list of products or services showing a brief description of the product and quantity sold.
  • Step 4, of course, you must mention the amount of the transaction with the total amount broken down to show the net amount, VAT (if VAT has been added) and any discounts.
  • Step 5, for the rest, you have to give the method of payment for example cash, credit or debit card etc.

When do I need to Issue a Receipt?

It is prudent for a business to give some type of receipt to all clients. This is provided at whatever point a client pays for merchandise or administrations offered by a business. A receipt could be basically marking and dating an invoice to show that it has been paid. A receipt is likewise significant documentation for keeping up your business records and setting up your expense forms, so it is essential you keep duplicates of these recorded securely.

Alright, it is all about Receipt Template details. Hopefully, you can get the advantages and get the ideas to make your creative receipt but covers all basic things that a receipt should have. Anyway, thanks for reading and see you soon!

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